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If you are not sure about mindfulness or how best to look after your own well-being then have a look at some of our free offerings below to explore further without any financial commitment. 

Here is a free online introduction session to mindfulness.

If you want to find out more about future mindfulness teaching we are offering click on the link below to head to this page on the website.

Free Mindfulness Practices

Below you will find some free guided meditations that you can use to help develop your own mindfulness practice. 

If you would like further support with establishing a mindfulness practice, or to take part in live mindfulness practices then why not consider joining the Mindful Membership?

We have two live mindfulness practices a week and you have access to a large library of recorded practices to do in your own time. 

Click below to find out more. 

Here is a free guided meditation 

where we use the image of an hourglass to help us focus and be aware.


We start off at the top of the hourglass, our awareness expanded to our body and thoughts. As the hourglass narrows in the middle, so our awareness narrows to our breath. As the hourglass expands, we expand our awareness again to our physical and emotional self.

This is a 3 minute practice where we focus on the movement of the breath in the body. 

Using the breath helps us to come back into the present moment and invite a mindful pause. 

This 5 minute practice helps us to reconnect with our body. 

Scanning through different parts of the body helps us to come to a pause, reconnect and invite some stillness in our day. 

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