Eyes Closed
Crcle Well-being

Here at Crcle we want to help provide spaces for you to pause, relax, recharge and reconnect. 

Life can be demanding and busy, meaning our own well-being gets pushed to one side. 

The idea for Crcle came from our own desire to have more time to stop. From wishing that there was a place we could go that would focus on all elements of our well-being and relaxtion, within the time constraints of often busy lifestyles. 

Join us for one of our events to give you that time to stop, focus on you and your wellness. 

Come sit at the Crcle with us.

Hello I'm Rebecca and the founder of Crcle Well-being.

I created Crcle after seeing in my own life the value of being able to stop, pause and live mindfully. Through my own mindfulness and meditation practices I've seen how transformative this can be on all areas of your life. 

My career path has always been driven by helping people. I have a BA (Hons) in Conflict Resolution, I am an OCN qualified community mediator and I am a City & Guild qualified adult and young person's advocate. Communication has always been a big part of my working life. 

In more recent years I've moved to the education sector, providing pastoral and coaching support to students at risk of failure. Using a mindful approach and techniques has had a transformative effect on students self-esteem, confidence, focus and success. 

I have a Level 2 and 3 CPCAB qualification in Counselling Skills and Theory and I am a Mental Health First Aider. I am a qualified SOMA Youth mindfulness teacher and have seen the benefits of providing this teaching within the education sector.

I feel passionate about supporting others to discover their own joy and peace through mindfulness. I look forward to sharing this with you. 

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