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Mindfulness Teaching

Mindfulness is an accessible, effective and proven technique to help us with our own well-being, mental health and positivity about life. 

As a qualified and accredited teacher, I offer mindfulness in a variety of settings and to all ages! 

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The benefits of mindfulness

The ways that learning mindfulness can support you...

For your mental wellbeing

Mindfulness has been proven to reduce anxiety, lower depressive episodes, help with panic disorders and support with symptoms of trauma. 

It helps us to manage our thoughts, be aware of our emotions and increase our emotional regulation.

For your relationships

Mindfulness helps us to be more present and this can help us be more alert in our relationships. We can learn to be more in tune with those around us, and learn compassion and empathy.

Mindfulness increases our connections and deepens our social bonds. 

For your physical wellbeing

There are a wealth of studies that show that mindfulness can help manage chronic pain, reduce symptoms that are caused by stress and inflammation, and help with symptoms of the menopause. 

This simple practice can have huge benefits of our physical health.

For your happiness in life

Studies have shown that when we are more present, we are happier. 

Mindfulness teaches us to tune into our own inner voice, rather than be swayed so much by the outside world. We learn to practice self care and do those things that help us feel happier. 

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